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Naruto' Reveals Sasuke's Cutest Dad Moment Yet

Naruto' Reveals Sasuke's Cutest Dad Moment Yet

Naruto had fans thinking Sasuke Uchiha was as hard-hearted as they come, but that is all beginning to change thanks to Boruto that new anime is upset all of the ninja’s secrets, and one cute scene just proved Sasuke is the cutest dad in Konoha. Recently in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and latest episode, and the update came with a new opening that new reel  has been praised heavily online, shows Boruto and his classmates as usual. However, there is one scene with Sarada that is unfreeze hearts.

The scene shows a young Sarada enjoying a day out with Sasuke. The little girl is wearing her usual glasses, and her red outfit matches her eyewear. Sarada can be seen running through a street in the Leaf Village, and her excited smilecis made all the more emotional when realize she is dragging Sasuke behind her.
With his unharmed arm, Sasuke is seen holding on to his daughter’s hand as she leads him around. Part of his face may be obscured, but fans would be amiss to overlook the gentle smile on Sasuke’s lips. The expression is one fans rarely saw around the Uchiha clan, but Sasuke was known to whip it out as a kid. If there was anyone guaranteed to make the former rogue ninja smile, it was his older brother Itachi, and it looks like Sarada has joined the exclusive list.

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