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Naruto' Reveals Ninja Is Still Alive

Naruto' Reveals Ninja Is Still Alive

Naruto is not afraid to kill off the character that shows has done just at the time and again that Leaf Village has lost  untold shinobi over the years but those victims also have a  leaning  to come back to life. It is no surprise to see that Boruto doing the same thing where follow up let fan know one of the poor ninja is still alive against the enemy but they are not ensure it will stay that way.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put out its whole  new episode, and it gave an ugly update on Yurito that character was assumed  dead after he took a point-blank explosion, but it seems where  ninja survived the attack. In the Episode 78 checked out on Yurito at the hospital, and Shikamaru got some tough details about his condition where the older man asked how Yurito is, the nurses sound less than Positive thinking about his feeling.

 As the doctor said he  was able to save his life, but...,” the doctors trail off, letting to show speak for itself that are shown Yurito as he lays on a bed senseless, and his head cannot be seen for all the bandages that is part of him with exposed skin, and theyare quite convinced Yurito is out of the woods ,As it turns out to be Shikamaru is not too certain after-all that either man is seen about the incident with the Hokage, and Sai confirms what  would happened exactly in the field.

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