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Naruto' Betrays How Big of a Threat Mitsuki is

Naruto' Betrays How Big of a Threat Mitsuki is

Naruto' Betrays How Big of a Threat Mitsuki is
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations  has cracked Team 7 as part of the Boruto & Sadara run off to the Land Of Earth wondering why he neglected the Hidden Leaf Village which turn in the latest episode where not only did Mitsuki refused to come back with Boruto And Sadara he leaked just how dangerous he can be as an foe when he easily knockout  Boruto.

In the Latest episode Boruto and other fight with few non- humans develop by a special jutsu from ninja from Land Of Earth that fight with hit a snag that Mitsuki arrives to help out his Teammates Sekiei. Boruto Tries to get off Mitsuki to return back with him and sadara to the Hidden Leaf, but Mitsuki using this trust moments to get powerful sneak attack.

The Lighting  Snake Jutsu Mitsuki attack down Boruto with ease that boruto falls immobile at the end of the episode too. It is the result of the surprise attack as Boruto was in no way starting to take an attack from Mitsuki in that moments show deadly he can be with his Jutsu.

 What was Even More terrifying is how easily he turned back on The Hidden Leaf Village that hints more throughout the Mitsuki really trying to hurt Boruto was way to keep him from getting killed by the others.The little known about how Mitsuki thinks, that doing all of this is his will is certainly something shocking too. They will be left wondering just how far Mitsuki will go for that will as the series continues.

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