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My Hero Academia' Viral Short Reimagines All Might's Best Fight

My Hero Academia' Viral Short Reimagines All Might's Best Fight

When it comes to My Hero Academia(Boku No Hero) it is hard to top at what the show has already done with Studio Bones that puts in untold effort to make the shenon as crucial as could be with using action using concept of packed Kitty cats.

Over the YouTube  channel known as Dilongoo gave we can say something that never knew they needed with earlier month the page uploaded a 3- minute video imagine All Might’s Epic battle with All For One that the clip is spread like viruses and fans are saying it is the best anime fight they have ever seen. 

As we  can see above, the clip image a world where All Might is still the No. 1 Hero, but he is also a cat. Redubbed as All Meow where, the hero must defeat his arch nemesis All For One, and he needs the helps of his star pupil Meowdoriya to make it happen.

While the undertaking may sound far-fetched where the  animation behind this shot is anything but laughable  Dilongoo  which put some serious effort making this fight as high quality as possible to its sound effects My Hero Academia short gives some professional anime series.My Hero Academia needs some new blood for its upcoming the fourth season, where Youtuber out there who  we would love to see join the anime for real

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