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Boruto' Display Teases Ohnoki's Return

Boruto' Display Teases Ohnoki's Return

Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation has many shout out that  fan loved  since its Favorite  character years with the event of the Original Series.One of the  previous  Five Kage "Ohnoki"the former Tsuchikage is gearing up for return in next series as display for Episode 71.

Episode 71 Episode of this titled "The World Most Hardest Stone" and the Display for the episode reveals  an Older Ohonki visiting the Hidden Leaf Village during Five Kage Summit gathering and help for Boruto ,Mitiuksi  and Sarada To display him around the  village rather attend gathering and his  new carefree  attitude hints at its former"Ohonki the Fence- Sitter"
While the Five Kage of Summit  looks to be running smoothly,it seems boruto still get lot to learn about world of Shinobi. Questioning even that Old man like Ohnoki could be one of the  former heroes of the war where there is history  lesson on the outlook for him and Team 7.

Is Boruto displaying Ohnoki's Return?

It is such interestingly that  fan exact what Ohonki since of the fourth great war,In boruto his Grandfather Kurotsuchi taken over the fourth Tsuchikage on this update fan have get for The Five Kage following with the following re-brief  introduction of Fifth Mizuakge  Mei terumi a long ago.

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