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Taylor Swift releases second hint for he new album
Taylor Swift releases second hint for he new album
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Taylor Swift ha yet again released second hint for her upcoming new album or a new single for which fans are already craving for and as for Taylor, she is so ready for a new album preparing herself in whole three years.

Taylor Swift, 27 has been quiet a tease to all the fans grabbing all the attention from her fans. After going black out from all over the social media, she posted a 10 second video clip of snake moving its tail. Most of the people speculated that the music is about to be released soon. But 'Wild Dreams' director and close friend Joseph Khan, something great is going to happen in 30 minutes tagging Taylor Swift made the fans guess that she is releasing a new song with the up rise of the Solar Eclipse. Fans predicted that Tay-tay was trying to overshadow the Solar Eclipse and rise with the sun with the eclipse.

But all the speculations were all in vain because the speculations didn't truly happened.  Today, just after 24 hrs of the first video, she have released another short video clip. The new 20 second video shows more than half body of the snake which is slithering and moving with a few scratches in middle. The fans are said to see two numbers in between the video i.e. 8 and 25, so another speculations started that she is about to release the song in 25th of August which is just two days before the MTV Video Music Awards this year.

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Rumors also has it that Taylor Swift might attend this year's VMA's and even might perform her new single.

Much have not be yet been cleared from all the signs of Taylor Swift but we are yet to eagerly wait for it and see what Taylor has in store for us.
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