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Selena Gomez awkward run in with ex Justin Bieber in the church
(PC: Instagram)

OMG...its really awkward that Selena Gomez and Justin had to attend the same program run by the church in the same room and their surely great speculations that they had quiet an awkward run in.

Selena Gomez, 25 and Justin Bieber, 23 seem to have an awkward run-in after so long with that they have been avoiding each other. Its already been three years that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had broken up their relationship with each other. Although they had tried to bring back their relationship back in the mean time, but they couldn't restore the love and passion they had in the past. Now, they both have moved on in their life, while Bieber has been having fun enjoying his single life with lots of hot models in their life. In the other hand Selena Gomez is now in the committed relationship with Abel (The Weeknd).

Its been quiet a while they avoiding to see each other but the situation has been just turned around just a little while. Selena Gomez actually went to the after party event at the Zoe Church Conference on August 5th, Saturday and then there was a surprise for Selena Gomez as her ex Justin Bieber was also in the same party. According to the sources, there wasn't any drama of them being together in the and although they did not talk or anything, they only had few glimpse eye to eye of each other. Along with this awkward run in with the infamous couple, there also seem to another more awkward thing to happen where another one of Justin Bieber's ex Hayley Baldwin was also in the church. 

All three of them were in the same room and left out separately. Selena was spotted leaving conference with her personal assistant while Justin left with his Hillsong pasto, Carl Lentz. 

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