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Game of Throne Season 7 Final Episode Preview Breakdown

Game of Throne Season 7 Final Episode Preview Breakdown 

game of thrones season 7 final episode 7

Finally the wait is over and the final of the season 7 of Game of Throne preview is here and this means we're in the final stages of the endgame of this season. After next week season will move into the final stages and we'll have only 6 episodes left HBO made a deal with Dave and Dan to split the final season in two. Rumour has we may be getting season 8 in either 2019 or December of 2018 regardless this trended episode gave us a lot to think on now that the night king has a dragon and we did see the resurrection of the dead dragon in episode 6 and for the rest we will have to wait next week for the final episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Unlike the other previews this one has no words but it needs none the first shot is of grey worm who is back from the western lands and he's brought the Dothraki with him so it means Dany has reunited with him. I'm also curious to know how many men he still has lost quite a few taken casually rock for no reason many lost quite a few men who are likely left behind in the transport ships when the Greyjoy's came in the unsullied can't have more than 5000 men left give or take but with the Dothraki serving to flank out any of their front line spearmen they should be fine the one thing. 

Next up we get a beautiful shot of King's Landing from above with Euron's Iron fleet in the bay it seems that all the major players are gathering up for the fellowship of winner to present their case for cease fire we haven't seen your own in quite some time so be interesting to see what he has to say regarding the white walker threat we also get a shot of Tyrion beerus and beyond heading over there as well this episode will be super weird for me because there are so many people heading over to King's Landing who have never set foot there but one thing I'm itching to see is Vary's and be on over there Cersie Jame or better yet Qyburn calling out Varys for being traitor and we'll see on in Euron finally get that discussion we've been waiting for funny thing is we do see Theon later on in this preview piling in fits into the ground and it looks like he is outside King's landing it's likely that Euron has killed Yara and Theon is paying the price for it and blaming himselft it's a shame we haven't seen Theon all that much this season because the actor is absolutely amazing but at the same time the show runners are following bullet points for his character so they likely have nothing for him to do until the very end we also get a brief shot of Jaime and Bronn overlooking Danny's forces gathering outside King's Landing or what appears to be the location of their meeting whatever that may be I'm glad to see Bronn here and not randomly disappear like he had been doing in season 6 more bran is good we also get a nice shot of Sansa the one thing we can noticed that on this season is that they sure love showing Sansa in the preview but this time it looks she is observing the cold winds heading toward the Winterfell and some ominous looking garb and finally we get the setting for this meeting I can't quite make out the location yet but I'm sure someone in the comment section likely point it out I feel like this neutral meeting place to present the evidence of their existence not only Matt but the one thing about this preview. Jon has bought a lot of people to this meeting who probabily should it stayed at Winterfell just in case Brienne okay fine you can come but Davos and Podrick need to be there as well yeah I don't know about that it's hard to tell but it looks like Jorah miss Sunday and the Hound can be seen coming in as well once again this is one of those moment's. These characters have either never stopped foot in King's Landing or interacted with each other so it will be bit excieted to see what happens and  the Hound back there again and hopefully he'll make a comment on his brother new appearance.

Watch the preview of Game of Thrones Season 7 final Episode Trailer

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