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Nelsan Ellis as a character of Lafayette, Nelsan dies at the age of 39
Nelsan Ellis as a character of Lafayette, Nelsan dies at the age of 39
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True Blood Star Nelsan Ellis, best known for his roles as Lafayette has had sudden death at the age of 39 which has sadden his family, entire celebs who know him as well as all the fans of Nelson.

In an statement to the Hollywood reporter, manager of Nelsan Ellis, Emily have informed the death of Nelson has died due to his critical complications in his heart and finally causing heart failure. Further she added he was a great actor to work and she will always miss him.

Although Nelsan Ellis had already played the character of Carter Howard in "Inside", Nelsan Ellis got famous from in 'True Blood' as Lafayette from the starting of the season in 2008 to till the end of the season in 2014. He played the role of Lafayette which was outstanding portraying the a cook gay guy from the local restaurant with the right amount of glamour he gave the character a complete justice. Fans loved his character as Lafayette adoring all his witty, fun and glamorous charm all in a single person. He also worked for another detective crime show "Elementary" as Shinwell Johnson. He also acted as a play worth and director in plays.

Many of his co-workers reacted upon this sadden news. HBO, when Ellis worked for so many years also released a statement saying, “We were extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Nelsan Ellis. Nelsan was a long-time member of the HBO family whose groundbreaking portrayal of Lafayette will be remembered fondly within the overall legacy of ‘True Blood.’ Nelsan will be dearly missed by his fans and all of us at HBO.”

Likewise True Blood’s creator, Alan Ball, called Ellis “a singular talent whose creativity never ceased to amaze me. Working with him was a privilege.”

Likewise several others of his co-stars left a heart touching messages to Nelsan's departed soul and his beloved family to be strong.

One of the first places we shot on the pilot of True Blood was Sam Merlotte’s Bar. The kitchen Suzuki Ingerslev built in Merlotte’s had a walk in freezer & working gas burners. It remained my favourite set throughout all 7 seasons - when shooting in Louisiana many months later she took us to the actual bar she had used as inspiration. It was almost as amazing as our Merlotte’s, but not quite - They didn’t have a Lafayette. In the scene that was being shot that day, Lafayette, a male cross-dressing short order cook in the show, was expounding on his theory of men’s fear of the female anatomy.. specifically, the vagina. ‘I know every man whether straight, gay or George MotherFuckin’ Bush is afraid of the pussy..’ I’m not sure I have ever seen, before or since, people crowd around a monitor at video village with their hands clapped to their mouths from shock, sheer laughter and wonder as the actor playing Lafayette jiggled and shook and humped the butchers block to get his point across. it was completely original, funny, sardonic, risqué and brilliant. That was Nelsan Ellis. All of the above. I turned to Alan Ball when the scene was finished and whispered… ‘you can’t kill him!’ (Lafayette’s death at the of the first book is the cliffhanger that leads to Book 2… ) Nelsan Ellis was the only actor in the 7 years of True Blood whom Alan allowed to improvise. Actually, I’m going to take that back. It wasn’t that Alan allowed him to do it, it was more that when Nelsan inhabited the world of Lafayette, he quite literally COULDN’T STOP himself. It was like he was possessed. In actuality Nelsan was quiet, smart, thoughtful, warm and kind. A published playwright himself. I think it would be fair to say that he taught all of us that intent and courage and fearlessness and freedom are the aspects of playing make-believe that spark the corners of the room where the dark is most impenetrable; to shine a light on those corners within ourselves is the very reason we go back time and again to Movies, TV shows and Theatre. To see that spark ignited. Nelsan had that electricity in an abundance I have rarely seen. I can’t believe he’s gone. #nelsanellis

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We are also truly sadden by the news. May Nelsan Ellis soul rest in Peace and may god give his family enough strength to recover the grief.

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