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R Kelly declines the accusation of him holding woman against their will under the name of 'cult'
R Kelly declines the accusation of him holding woman against their will under the name of 'cult'
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R&B star R. Kelly has declined all the allegations against him about him holding no of woman against their will in their home, manipulating their minds and forbidding them to do anything not upon R Kelly's permission just under the name of cult.

The story accusation to R Kelly, 50 started when the family of one of the woman staying with R Kelly, Joycelyn Savage's parents along with other three girls Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee who have previously lived with R Kelly informed Buzzfeed about problem they have been going through. After all the identification of the true identity all the people, they were ready to hear their story. According to the parents of Joycelyn, their daughter was really fond of music and wanted to pursue her career in the same field. Once when Joycelyn was 19, during the concert in California, Joycelyn along with their parents went to meet R Kelly backstage where they had a talk with him about their daughter and her interest in music field giving him demo of her vocals and all. Although they had heard about how R Kelly could take advantage of such young girls, they thought they can protect her since they will be around all the time. But now after two years from that time, their daughter seem to have changed alot having a Stockholm Syndrome. Previously they had not confirmed the fact, but lately when three girls who were with R Kelly previously contacted them and told the facts of how R Kelly really manipulates a person and nothing is done against his will. According to the girls, there are 3-4 girls in two house of R Kelly and while their stay with R Kelly, one is simply lives the life of a animal, one can do nothing without the permission of R Kelly like they can't bath, they can't go to from one room to another, they can't eat and even can't go to washroom without the permission of R Kelly. The woman who lives under his house are normally under certain disclosure agreement for certain time to live there but they won't be able to leave the house until they have the strong will to get out of system of R Kelly. They claim R Kelly is really using his fame over manipulating the young girls under the name of cult.

After all these accusations, R Kelly have finally responded completely declined the accusation claiming its just rubbish to destroy his reputation. He further have informed that he will surely take legal actions upon the ones who have accused him of such a thing. Later, TMZ have successfully been able to obtain the time to talk with the supposed v!ct!m of R Kelly, Joycelyn, where she explains that it is completely false that she is under the influence of cult and living with R Kelly with complete conscious and she is not treated in any way that the others have claimed her to have been. She just thinks that her parents are not thinking well and being over protective since she have not talked well with her parents since Christmas. But watching the video of Joycelyn, many viewers have felt that her voice is severing and viewers and confused why is her voice severing upon her nervousness or upon lying and hiding the truth. Also we can see the shadow of another person in the person instruction her to say no while she is talking.

We have yet to know where the case will lead in the future. We just hope that the truth will be out soon discovering the liar in this case.

R Kelly is one of the most celebrated R&B singer of his time and have already sold 40 million copies of his songs. He is still active as a music producer and going out to various concerts. 

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