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Kanye West has simply decided to leave his long time pal turned fr-enemy Jay-Z's live streaming company Tidal for all the disputes that have been going about money.

Seems like long term friendship between Kanye West and Jay-Z not only has gone shower with their personal issues but now it is also about to effect their professional relation as Kanye West has decided to go separate ways with the decision of Kanye leaving Jay-Z's Tidal. But according to TMZ, its not because of personal reasons but its because of various money dispute Kanye has been having with the Tidal company.

According to sources from TMZ, its been always while that Kanye has not been happy with the company and he have complained several times that the company has still owe him money which can exceed $3 million. They have also added that Kanye have already sent a lawyer to send Tidal letter claiming that the company was going in a brench and the contract between Kanye and company has been terminated. But the company has denied the fact and has been having clash ever since. Talking about the conflict with the company, it has two factors. Firstly Kanye's 'Life of Pablo' album has a great success which had resulted in more than one and half million new subscribers to Tidal, upon which Tidal had promised to give him bouns. But the company actually didn't pay. And in the other hand, Tidal has requested Kanye many times to deliver the videos as required by the contract but Kanye refused to do so until and unless the company pays the due amount he owe the company.

Now both the party seem to be in the heated position and working more in the lawyers to get the final decision. Kanye is simply ready to be out of Tidal and Tidal is simply claiming he will surely sue Kanye in the future if it happen so and if it happen so Kanye will sue the company itself.
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