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Watch Super Night with TUBELIGHT with Salman Khan

Watch Super Night with Tubelight featuring Salman Khan with Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar, Sungandha Mishra & Dr. Sanket Bhosale

The much awaited Super Night with Tubelight the show with special episode for Salman Khan's movie 'Tubelight'. It has finally aired on 17 June on Sony TV and later released on YouTube also on official challenge of Set TV. 

Salman and Sohail Khan appeared on the show as the episode is specially promote their upcoming film. The show was hosted byAparshakti Khurana & the show had Sunil Grover playing with his famous signature character - Dr. Mashoor Gulati. Salman Khan was operated by the doctor on stage by Dr. Gulati and it was discovered that a dumbbell, a heater and a deodorant had been stuck inside his abdomen calling a successful operation of tubelight turning the lights on again.

There were many acts in the show from the beginning till the end, Dr. Gulati operation, Kaun Banega Crorepati Duplicate & famous Dr. Sanket Bhosale mimicry act of Dutt ka Dum spoofing the show of own Salman Khan Dus ka Dum.

Well overall the show was average and couldn't entertain the audience as much as audience was expecting even.

Watch Full Episode of Super Night with TUBELIGHT with Salman Khan

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