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Statement of Purpose | Study MBA | Canadian University

Statement of Purpose | Study MBA | Canadian University

Letter of Explanations for Canadian University

Every year many students wants to study MBA or Master Degree in other faculties in Canadian Universities. After graduating most of the students of different countries specially Asian Students are attractive to study in Canadian Universities. There are many process to apply for Canadian University to study MBA. One of the process is writing Statement of Purpose to study before applying for University to study. Here is one Sample of Statement of Purpose to study MBA for Canadian University.

Letter of Explanations for Canadian University

Canadian High Commission
New Delhi

Dear Visa Officer,
My purpose of writing this letter is to request you to grant me study permit to pursue my further studies in MBA program with MBA foundation course and 3 months university access program ESL in University Canada West, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Academic Profile

As far as my profile is concerned, I accomplished my school milestone (school leaving certificate) from New Horizon Higher Secondary School achieving 75.75% and after that, joined the Science faculty of New Horizon College Butwal, Nepal completing 10 + 2 with 52% aggregate. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, affiliated to Anna University, Chennai, India in 2015 with CGPA of 7.1 out of 10
After completing my education, I worked with the Global Inspection Consultancy Pvt. Ltd in Nepal as a Mechanical Engineer where my responsibilities were to inspect, check the quality and track the progress of different hydropower projects in Nepal. I visited about five different hydropower projects in Nepal during my working tenure (April 2016-March 2017) that gave me an opportunity to enhance my technical as well as managerial skills.

Reasons for choosing Canada

Reasons for choosing Canada University

      To pursue my future studies, I began to research different universities within my home country and abroad. I visited many schools in Nepal but, I came to know that Nepalese education is conventional and theory based. Though, I opted for different countries, after a deep research and consultation I finally decided that CANADA will be my study destination country.  Canada turned out to be first preference. During my research, I found that Canada became the latest major study destination to report on international enrollment trends with the release of the annual A World of Learning report from the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE). The number of international students travelling to Canada has increased nearly by 50 percent since 2004. Especially, the students from Southern part Asia are attracted to Canada.Canada is one such popular study destination that is preferred by students across the globe. Quality education and worldwide acceptance of its degrees are the primary reasons for opting higher education in Canadian Universities. Apart from business schools in Canada offering excellent infrastructure and education system they are research oriented. Another reason for selecting Canada is the opportunity that it offers to live in a multicultural and multi-linguistic society through which I will be exposed to different practices adopted globally and could strengthen my ability to converse with confidence. Canada is considered more affordable than other countries related to college fees as well as the cost of living. Moreover, the place offers opportunities to explore various food items, music, art, and adventures. Furthermore, Canadian degrees are accredited and well recognised all over the world. In addition, comprehensive surveys show that Canada is peaceful, safe and orderly country. This combination of factors thrived me to choose Canada.

 Reasons for choosing MBA

My primary intention to study MBA after Engineering is to blend technical knowledge with managerial skills. The undergraduate study helped me to learn the mechanisms, functions of various parts; and technical terms of machines which made life easier in the organisations that I served . It helped me to expand my basic theoretical and practical knowledge of various aspects of machines. I undertook different projects during my undergraduate study in India which helped me to broaden my practical skills. Various management subjects such as Economics, Total Quality Management (TQM), Principles of Management helped me to gain insights into the managerial world. Thus, I realised, success in engineering requires a high level of organisation as well as active management and managerial skills. Ever since I attended the first industrial visit during engineering days, I started nurturing a dream of becoming top-level management personnel in the manufacturing industry. During my working span, I got a short opportunity to work with the technical managers from various production companies. I got a glimpse of how the management consulting teams work and what kind of services they provide. This is when I became fascinated and motivated to pursue a career in management consulting. After consultation with the experts working in this field, I came to know that an MBA degree was essential to achieve my goal as MBA with engineering degree is eligibility criteria to work as technical manager in manufacturing company in my country. Now, after a year of relevant experience, the power of knowledge seems to call me out persuading me to seek more; a dream I nurtured during my graduation which has grown with me. Now that I have technical knowledge, I would like to fulfil my ambition of becoming a Technical manager in manufacturing company and thus decided to study MBA. Engineering with an MBA degree in my country is demanding. But, due to the weak and theoretical based education system in Nepal, most of the manufacturing companies with high reputation globally are not able to scout most skilled and well-trained personnel with both sound technical and managerial skills. So, I am sure, once I return to my country with a Canadian MBA degree in hand with the real time experience of practical education, I would be able to pursue my career again in Nepal. I also feel that Canadian MBA degree will stand me out in the competition because of its reputation and recognition worldwide.

Reasons for choosing UCW (University Canada West)

I chose UCW (University Canada West) and now have been granted admission in the MBA program in this university which is exciting and a moment of pride. . I have also got chance to study 3 months English course which helps me to strengthen my English skills. Located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, UCW is one of the reputed universities for management degree programs. I found that MBA at UCW focuses on providing various useful skills such as accounting, business expertise, critical thinking, management, leadership and business ethics. On the other hand, practical application of theoretical knowledge provided to us ensures that we get the knowledge required to be an effective leader in the workplace. In other words, an actual hands-on learning prepares us to ‘jump right in' to the workforce. I choose this university as I fulfil the eligibility criteria of the University as well as all my requirements. As well as, I have been awarded 6500 CAD scholarship for academic excellence by UCW admission department which is a matter a proud for me. This will certainly help my parents to support my finances during my study. Besides this, I also found that UCW is a business orients, teaching-intensive University. UCW degree is designed in consultation with academic and industrial professionals. So, I believe I will get an education as per modern industrial requirements. Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from UCW will help me prepare for leadership in the global arena. I am fascinated by the class profile and learning methods of this university where it brings together students from all across the world which leads to enhanced learning environment. UCW provides modern technology and expert academic teaching methodology which will help me to broaden my knowledge. So, studying in UCW, Canada will give me an opportunity to expand my knowledge and practical learning standards with international exposure. All these things impressed me and convinced me to join University Canada West.

 Career goals in Nepal

 After pursuing MBA degree at UCW, I have plans to start my career with one of the highly reputed manufacturing company (such as Chaudhary group, Golchha Organisation, Khetan group, Sipradi automobiles) in Nepal as a superior management team. Being a developing country, Nepal needs more expertise during this transition phase of the economic revolution. Being a skilled human resource, I would be able to contribute towards the overall country’s growth and make a difference in the society. I firmly believe that my inherent nature and inquisitiveness always drives me to get the best out of me as I implement many of the innovations introduced in my concerned field. On the other hand, Nepal is a country where technical experts have managerial skills are always scarce and hard to find, yet if found, they are well paid. Hence, after completing my MBA, I foresee my future bright in Nepal. After gaining few years of work experience, I have plans to establish an agricultural tool manufacturing company in Nepal which is the most important as Nepal is an agricultural country and the tools are brought in from neighbouring countries (India and China). To achieve my plan, I need MBA to understand managerial operations and master my strategic thinking. Hence, the combination of skills acquired in bachelor degree and masters will help me to perform in any company successfully.

I am looking forward to hearing a favorable response from you.

Thanking you,
Your’s sincerely
Your Name
Email: youremail
Passport no: 08931111

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