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Selena Gomez's Fan Wins Selena Trivia Against Selena Gomez In iHeart Radio

Selena Gomez's Fan Wins Selena Trivia Against Selena Gomez in iHeart Radio

Selena Gomez and her big fan in iHeart Radio Show
Selena Gomez and her big fan in iHeart Radio Show
(PC: iHeart Radio Youtube Channel)

Selena Gomez has been busy interviewing all around promoting her new single "Bad Liar" as well as the new season of the series she is producing "13 Reasons Why" and while this time around she visited iHeart Radio, one of her greatest fans got a chance to meet Selena Gomez and even got a chance to play Selena Trivia which her fan won.

Selena Gomez is in New York and enjoying her time visiting the interviews she is been called upon and mostly radio show. She has been promoting her new single "Bad Liar" and leaking information about her potential upcoming album and all the information about her latest life and well her all the missing times when she was back in her treatment. 

In one of the recent interview in iHeart Radio, there was a fun section Fan Vs. Artist she got a chance to participate in. In the section, one of die hard fan of Selena could get a chance to meet her along to play a game with her. And the game was about Selena herself which was called "Selena Trivia". When the fan got to meet Selena she was really happy and trying to maintain just focusing in the game. Selena obviously knows everything about herself and her fan was also very active in the game with all the detailed information about Selena. Selena Gomez was really humble enough to give her fan all the chance to answer the questions and let her win. 

Selena Gomez is really a kind soul. She didn't act as a Diva in a little bit and was humble with her fan complementing her fan how beautiful, intelligent great she was all the time. 

By the end of the video, there was the small interview of the fan where she told how great fan she is of Selena Gomez and she got excited and had to prepare herself from not passing out of happiness when she meet her. She even flowed few tears of happiness while talking about her experience with Selena and she was so happy to see how calm, humble and loving she is. 


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