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Earning Money from YouTube from Any Country

Earning Money from Any Country

Earning Money from YouTube in Nepal

Earning Money from Online in Youtube is very easy. As long as you know how to make videos or create videos. If you're a good movie maker then you can make good money on YouTube online. There are so many people earning on Youtube making millions of dollars each year. Many Nepalese people don't know how to make money from YouTube. Well problem solved now here is the solution you will be learning to earn money from Youtube.

But first you must know how to make videos with your own creativity. You must know about the video capturing devices like cameras then you must know about basic video editing softwares.
There are plenty of video editing software that you can download for free online or some you can buy online as well.

i.e - Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas

To make good quality videos you need good cameras also.

After the knowledge about video making, you need to make a gmail account or Youtube Account. those days everybody has their gmail account. If you don't have then make one or if you don't know how to make a gmail account then here is the video below watch and make a new Gmail account.

Make a New Gmail / Youtube Account

Then After You have to change Country to American or European Countries like USA or Germany because youtube doesn't allow some countries for their online advertising program like our country Nepal. Here is the tutorial video below to change country on Youtube Settings Panel.

How to Change your Country on Youtube

After Then You need to enable Youtube Monetization. Youtube only allow 90 countries for their Monetization Program. Anyway Watch the Tutorial Video for enabling Youtube Monetization for Nepal.

How To Enable Monetization In Your Youtube Channel To Earn Money

So Thats it you're ready to go to make money online on Youtube. Make more videos with no copyright materials and you're about to make dollars online with YouTube. Isn't it simple and easy.

Good Luck Friends in Nepal

How to upload a Video on youtube and Earn Money 

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