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"Bachelor In Paradise" Suspended by the Production due to "Misconduct"

"Bachelor In Paradise" Suspended by the Production due to "Misconduct"

"Bachelor In Paradise" Suspended by the Production due to "Misconduct"
"Bachelor In Paradise" Suspended by the Production due to "Misconduct"
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The most awaited season of "Bachelor in Paradise" has been suspended by the production due to the suspected "Misconduct" which has led to stop of filming of this season for the investigation of the issue of disturbance.

The crew members as well as the participants of the reality show "Bachelor in Paradise" had already had started their shooting in one of the beach houses of Mexico. But due to the disturbing behavior of some of the contestants had led to the point that the production might have to end the whole season this. year. The production company Warner Bros. has recently released a statement about the incident and how they have already started the investigation.

In the release, they posted "We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production, and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action."

Bachelor in Paradise is an reality competition television series which has elimination pattern. The show is a spin-off of the American reality television game shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The show premiered on August 4, 2014, on ABC which features previous contestants who have been featured on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Reality Steve as well as Amy Kaufman, Los Angeles Times reporter  who is currently writing a book about the franchise have confirmed via their twitter account that the show has been cancelled and they have already sent all the crew members as well the participants home. Likewise, Amy Kufman also revealed that the participant who has caused the misconduct were DeMario and Conrinne who neglected the rules of the show and got extremely drunk in the very first day. She further added "Corinne came up to DeMario at the bar and kissed him. They proceeded to the pool, where they got naked. From this point forward, things turned into "soft core porn." They did not have sex. But it was very raunchy." 

You can follow Reality Steve and Amy Kaufman for the further future details about the incident of "Bachelor in Paradise".

Originally, the new season was scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, August 8 but all the reports claiming to towards the cancellation of this season. This is really sad that the behavior of some participants has led to the closure of the entire season and loss to make ones.

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