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Jimmy Kimmel Emotionally Reveals About His Son William's Birth and his Heart Disease

Jimmy Kimmel Emotionally Reveals About His Son William's Birth and his Heart Disease

Jimmy Kimmel talking about his son's complex health situation tearfully

The host of the Late Night Show with Jimmy Kimmel revealed some shocking news of his Son William's birth and his heart disease tearfully in one of the Monologue of the show.

As he starts the Monologue, he recalls the time when his son William John Kimmel (or "Billy" as they call him dearly) was born on April 21 just few days ago. He tells that Billy was born easily without not much effort, just few pushes and he was out not troubling his wife in a huge amount. The child felt like it was in the normal state.

The family was in happy state for having happy moment with his wife and his two years old daughter Jane where also his sister Jane met her brother Billy for the first time. But the happiness was limited just for three hours, when one of the attentive doctors noticed a purple baby and murmuring of the heart.

Later after the sonogram of the heart of his child, they discovered his son's heart was not in a good state in which his heart's pulmonary valve was completely blocked and there was a hole in the wall between the left and right sides of his heart. 

After the discovery of the shocking news, his son Billy underwent open-heart surgery at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles. The surgery went for three hours and Kimmel expressed that it was his longest three hours of his life. He also later showed first picture of his son all hooked up to monitors with IVs after the procedure and other one picture of his son smiling after a few days later of the surgery.

He expressed although he will need to undergo several surgeries in future, he is doing well at present for which he is grateful and thankful to several people who include medical professionals, his staff, friends and family.

As per the topic, he also talked about the Present Donald Trump's proposal about cutting the budget to the National Institute of Health of about $6 billion but is glad and praised the Congress for declining the proposal and increasing the funding by $2 billion.

He is simply happy how the medical line have helped many people so much which includes himself as well. And urges all the American to come together and help the elected officials accountable for their decisions on health care.

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