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Celebrity Trial Lawyer Mark Geragos Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Fyre Festival

Celebrity Trial Lawyer Mark Geragos Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Fyre Festival

Picture of the stranded fest posted in social media by disappointed by one of the fan

After a huge failure of the Fyre Festival and disappoint and trouble to lots of people, now the major celebrity trial lawyer has filed the organizer Ja Rule and Billy McFarlan lawsuit of about $100 Million Dollars. 

Fyre Festival was suppose to be similar to Cochealla festival. According to the trailer released for the festival, the fest was expected to be fest filled with music, great location, a good cultural vibe area with beautiful scenery and people enjoying the good mood for outing outside the house. 

The fest was scheduled to start from April 28th to 30th and May 5th to 7th on the private Fyre Cay in the Grand Bahamas Exuma Island Chain. The ticket of the fest started from $1000 from ranging to about $12,000. Also, there were some VIP Packages for the high profile people ranging upto $250,000 which included amenities like private plane, boat rentals, massages, and local beach tours.

Some of the recognized artists for the fest were Blink-182, Major Lazer, Disclosure and Migos.

But when the fans went to the island for having the time of their life, they got nothing but disappointment. First of all the location was really deserted so it was not possible for other near areas. Secondly the arrangements were really poor. The area was decorated no nicely whereas the accommodation was just simple tents rather than the massive extravagant location with luxurious stay.

Billy McFarlan and Ja Rule, organizer of Fyre Festival

Later everyone were sent back home promising them to refund the money and to free entry in 2018 fest which is to held in US itself.

One of the organizer of the fest Ja Rule responded to the Backlash of the fest by apolozing to everyone and expressing how his heart is broken.

But, now since the lawsuit has been filed against him he might serious have a heart ache. But more info from the lawyer of Ja Rule and Billy McFarlan.

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