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Why School are Worried About Students Watching Selena Gomez's Netflix's Series "13 Reasons Why!!"

Why School are Worried About Students Watching Selena Gomez's Netflix's Series "13 Reasons Why!!"

Poster of "13 Reasons Why" featuring the main character "Hannah Baker"

The trending series among teenager of the year "13 Reasons Why" might be the topic for tension for school.

So school all around the country are warning the parent's about the topic i.e. Netlix lastest original series, 13 Reasons Why, proving the complete information about the concept of the series and how it might effect their teen children.

Basically, the series, 13 Reasons Why, is a story about suicide about teen child "Hannah Baker" where she describes about why she compelled herself to commit suicide with completed reasoning over all the episodes of the show. Each episodes explains the small reasons and topic why the teen had compelled herself to commit suicide and each episodes reveals the character whose actions has compelled to herself to think about suicide. The plot of the series is adopted from adult novel of Jay Asher's 2007 and is produced by Selena Gomez.

But the main concern for the school is that the series might impact the children to commit similar situation and reciprocate to the difficulties of life, like how the teenager Hannah committed suicide, how they should take revenge to the ones who are bulling them and taking irrational steps instead of taking the correct decision, etc. So, the school are warning the parents to give proper attention to the behavior of their children and to make them understand all the circumstances of life and take the proper decision.

Although, the series is trying to picture the dark side of teen side like sexual assault, rape, underage drinking, body shaming, driving under influence, etc. Its not encouraging teens to those stuffs but the series is trying to show bad impacts of those bad influence in our life and to be out of it and to help our friend rather than to insult them further in bad stuffs.

Hope the controversy about the series comes to end in the near future.

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