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Selena Gomez's show "13 Reasons Why" gets tangled into more Controversy

Selena Gomez's show "13 Reasons Why" gets tangled into more Controversy 

With the end of the series "13 Reasons Why" produced by Selena Gomez and rumors of second season of the series, the series is getting more tangled into controversies.

"13 Reasons Why" is a series about how a teen name "Hannah Baker" committed suicide and recorded 13 tapes explaining the reason why she committed the suicide. This series is based upon a bestselling adult novel by 

First of all this series has a huge hit among teenagers. The show became a massive hit. But later the series not only started to attract the teenagers but the adults too mostly school administrators. The school administrators were disturbed by the subject and were threaten that the topic might affect the teen brain resulting to increase of teen suicide. So, the school authorities started to send the parents letter to warn them about the series, to be aware of the teen behaviors and they don't get influenced by the suicide drama.

The suicide scene of the series is quiet disturbing. Although the scene is graphically shown the teenager Hannah Baker cutting her wrist in the bathroom until she bleeds to death. Also other scenes of rape and other disturbing scenes may be bothersome.

According to the reports of 2014, the second leading cause for the death of children and young adults age from 10 to 24 was suicide. Now, the series showing the suicide scene may effect the mental  health of children and teenager to glamorize to walk in the same path. 

The National Association of School Psychologist also have issued a statement warning the parents. Likewise, the director of Call2Talk a confidential mental health and emotional support call time also issued about the topic, he explained that he although he doesn't want to be over dramatic but this series might effect the mental health of children and teens and the statistics of the death of their due to suicide might increase in the near future.

Although executive producer of the series, Selena Gomez had a brief interview about the topic where she explained the series is not about effecting mental health but to aware that suicide is a series cause and never to ever even talk about it casually. It is just a show to aware the factors the child toward such a devastating stage and help them.

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