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Hackers Upload new season of Orange is the New Black

Hackers Upload new season of Orange is the New Black

Poster of Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black, a prison based series is currently finished on season four and season five yet to come but now the new season has been uploaded by Hackers.

The new season of Orange is the New Black i.e. season 5 was set to be on air after June 9 this year. But an unknown hacker has got the hands on the new episodes of the series.

The series Orange is the New Black have been one of the successful series of the Netflix and season 5 onwards were anticipated seasons of the series.

Previously, the hacker had asked for the huge ransom to the Netflix threatening them to release the episodes in the internet if they fail to give the hacker the ransom they asked for. But, after the Neflix failed to connect with the hacker no more and failed to respond them, the hacker has moved his next move and sold the episodes of the season to the Piracy networks over the internet.

According to the message conveyed by the hacker who uses the name "thedarkoverlord", the hacker didn't wanted to make the situation this way but Netflix is going to lose a lot of money because of this since they didn't respond to their modest offer.

Moreover, the hacker revealed that he/she have also threatened other networks too and the hacker
said since they had time they will think wisely likewise.

Now, we will have to see how much loss Neflix will have because of this hacker. But we hope the hacking will come to stop and hope others networks might not go with this loss.
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