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First Interview of Kim About Paris Incident and How it Changed Her Life

First Interview of Kim About Paris Incident and How it Changed Her Life

Kim and Ellen during the interview in Ellen's show

A well known robbery of famous Kim Kardashain West well had been shock to the Kim and her family as well as all the other celebs of the industries.

Kim's mental health was affected very much and she and her family were not much talking about the case much and where lost from the social media for few months.

But recently, in an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashains" Kim had revealed about how traumatizing and torturous the situation was for her in that state. And how she is revealed that she was not hurt physically and now can enjoy her time with her family.

After the series, the first interview Kim came to recently is in Ellen's show. As we know Ellen is known for revealing the secrets of celebs and to pour their heart out with her kind and funny manners. Likewise in the edition where Kim has been for the first time after for shocking robbery, she has poured her heart out about the topic.

Even in the show, after so long, she still cannot talk about the topic without crying. While she started to talk about the robbery, she tried to talk in the normal state but her voice were trembling and her eyes started to water. In her interview, she told that it was meant to happen to her because although she thinks that with all those expensive Jewelry that she was lucky to wear after her hard work, she was more into materialist stuff. But after the incident she is lucky to have her children, husband and her family by her side. Now she sees life in other ways and focuses her life for her family more.

Althought the incident is traumatizing, she still is happy that the robbers is not more into violence and hurting people but just into the stuffs they want to rob and did not kill her and hurt her physically.

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