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Katy Perry Surprises Fans with Desert in Times Square

Katy Perry Surprises Fans with Desert in Times Square

Katy Perry distributing Cherry Pie to her fans from the Cherry Pie truck

Katy Perry, 32 years old pop star surprised her fans in Times square as she distributed yummy desert Cherry Pie herself.

Katy Perry came to Times Square in a Cherry Pie Truck. As soon as Katy came out of the truck, fans freaked out and started to click pictures and even the glimpse of her made them freak out with excitement. Fans of Katy Perry started to pour the social media with her pictures and videos in the social media.

As Katy was giving out Cherry Pie desert to her fans, fans were really happy for her generosity of her to love her fans in such a way. But if we see in another way, she is also seem to trying to promote her new track "Bon appetite" which was released just few days ago.

The Cherry Pie recipe which contains sweet cherries, butter, sugar and other sweet stuff is all talked in her new single "Bon appetite". It explains all about the sweet and good stuff you'd enjoy which is obviously talked in a double meaning manner.

Anyways, the gesture of Katy Perry really touched the hearts of her fans and lucky were the ones who got to get the glimpse of her and more lucky are the ones who got the cherry pie from Katy herself.
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