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Is Zayn Feuding With His New Collaborator Party Next Door?

Is Zayn Feuding With His New Collaborator Party Next Door?

Album Art of Zayn and Party Next Door Collaboration "Still Got Time"

Zayn Malik and Party Next Door has just released a new official video of the song they collaborated with but has they already started the beef along side?

The Zayn and Party Next Door's new collab song "Still Got Time" explicit version official has just been released. The track is groovy with a great message to enjoy the time that we have not worrying to be in relationship in a rush as time will come for the right person to enter our life and they both seem to have done a great job. But speculations has been started that they both are not in the good terms already only after few days of release of the video.

Actually the speculations started to fly off when Party Next Door unfollowed Zayn on social media like Twittter and Instagram. Likewise, he has also not mentioned about the release of their track in the media whereas Zayn's media is all about promoting their new single. Also, Party Next Door has even removed all the mentions of Zayn in his social media.

No sure information has been leaked of beefing with each other officially by either side of the singer. Yet, there is another speculation of Party Next Door being himself as he is since this incident is the first time. He did the same to Nicky Minaj at the time of their collaboration of the song "Run". 

But, for the bigger and clearer we still do need to wait sometime for the statement of both artists about the topic.

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